St. Joseph Academy Proposed September Opening

This is the initial September opening plan.  Details to follow and subject to change.

School will be open 5 days a week.

Parents have the option of in school or at home instruction.

Arrival and dismissal times will be staggered.  Exact times to follow.

Classes will be assigned to specific doors for both.

Student temperature will be checked daily before entering the building.


All desks will have Plexiglas dividers. Desks will be arranged so that children are shielded on all sides.

Desks will be spaced 6ft apart when possible with a minimum of 3ft apart.  All desks will have dividers.

Students will be expected to wear masks as they move through the building.  Masks will be worn in the classrooms as much as possible.  At the teacher’s discretion.

All faculty and staff will wear masks when in close proximity of the children.

Faculty will be moving to classrooms. Students will remain stationary.

All rooms are equipped with UV lighting which will be on a timer to sanitize all classrooms in the middle of the night.

Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.  UV lighting to be installed for overnight sanitizing.

Larger common areas, gym, cafeteria etc. will be sanitized at night as well.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be mounted on the wall in each classroom and throughout the building.


One or two, depending on class size, on a rotating schedule, will have lunch in the cafeteria. They will have outside recess on the same day they are scheduled to eat in the cafeteria.  All other classes will have lunch and recess in their rooms.  *** This is under discussion.

RPM Catering

Working on a ‘grab and go’ lunch menu.  Reworking menu.  Details to follow.


At this time Before and Aftercare will be available.  Details to follow.

Final Plan to Follow