Submitting Homework: Grades 3 and Lower

Students in grades 3 and below will submit work to teachers via files attached to email.

Independent of the type of assignment and the teacher’s format for submitting work electronically, students in grades 3 and below will sent their assignments to their teachers via the teachers’ school email addresses. Completed assignments should be attached to emails as photos (.jpg files from a mobile device) or Word documents (.docx files) depending upon the teachers’ requirements.

The following instructions will help you email your child’s teacher(s) and presents several scenarios depending upon the type of computing equipment you have at home.

Each teacher’s class page contains a green button at the top and the bottom of the page that contains a link to the teacher’s email address.

If you are accessing the page from a mobile device, clicking on the green button will open your device’s email app.

If you are accessing the page from a desktop computer, clicking on the green button will do different things depending upon your computer’s operating system and how it is configured:

  • If you have an email program configured (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mail app on Mac OS), clicking the button will create a new draft email message in your program, with the teacher as the recipient.
  • If you check your email via a website (,,, etc), clicking on the email button on the teacher’s page will attempt to open the default mail program on your desktop computer. You will need to take an additional step to send email to a teacher:
    • After opening your email provider’s website in a separate browser tab, return to the browser tab with the SJA teacher’s page. Hover your mouse over the green email button at the top of the teacher’s page and right click.  Once you release the right mouse button, a small menu will appear. Highlight the “Copy email address” menu option (or similar… it may also be displayed as “Copy link” or “Copy link address”.)
    • If you’re using a Mac, you can simulate a right mouse button click by pressing the CTRL key before pressing the mouse (or trackpad) button.
    • Return to the browser tab with your email provider’s website and compose a new email. Move to the “To:” field of the email heading and use your operating system’s “Paste” function to insert the teacher’s email address. (CTRL+V on Windows, COMMAND-V on Mac)
    • If the paste function results in an email address with “mailto:” in front of it, be sure to delete the “mailto:” characters before sending the email, otherwise, the email address will be invalid.
  • After adding a descriptive subject field to the email (indicating the nature of the assignment being submitted), attach the file containing the completed assignment.
    • If the attachment you are sending larger than 4MB, you may need to use a file transfer service such as
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